You ARE The Things You Desire So Badly To Be

Kayla Trusick
4 min readApr 3, 2019

“You cannot travel on the path before you have become the path itself.” — Buddha

You must focus your energies and become the path you wish to follow. After all, your destined path is who you are.

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Check Yourself, and Create a New Surrounding

Anyone will tell you that you create your own reality, and yes that is very true. But are we perceiving that saying wrong? Or not enough? Were not considering how deep this actually is. All the underlying suffering and the issues you push down and hide are all collecting and backing up your subconscious. (Hence, you are creating your own personal hell.) Sometimes we lack faith in ourselves, most of the time we rather give our sufferings to someone or something else. Forgetting that it’s not easier this way and that we need to put on our own oxygen masks before we can help anyone else breath. Impatience in not allowing yourself time to breathe… therefore you are always feeling tired and out of breath. What are you gasping for? The further you push things down the harder it is to get out. You end up asking yourself how did I even get here? When did I lose myself and the people I love most? We seem to realize are faults when it is too late.

You create your reality by the way you perceive the world.

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Today is the day to change that.

Take a minute and explore the world around you. Appreciate the beauty of things more often. Your friends, family, and just the simplicity of our outside world.

Go outside, what do you see?

Focus on positive things such as colors! How green the grass is, the blue of the sky, or how sometimes the clouds look like they have been painted just for you! As the sun brightens up the world around you, or the stars poke through the night sky, one by one. It’s the simple things we can find the most beauty in!

We tend to overlook the simplicities of life and focus on luxuries. Money &



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