Victim Mentality: It’s Time To Confront Yourself

Kayla Trusick
4 min readAug 12, 2021
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Where do we start when it comes to acknowledging what needs to change inside of us? At what point do we stop to evaluate our lifestyle and decide it’s time for growth? When do we decide that enough is enough and we are not supposed to live in mundane misery? There has to be a point where we demand a change in ourselves. When the cycles keep repeating and you know something has got to give…

We can fall victim to conforming to society and dismissing who we desire to be entirely. To believe you must conform to be accepted is ignorance. Believing you are less than powerful (useless), the easier it is for you to be controlled.

If you often get walked over, talked over, dismissed, overlooked, overwhelmed by life, or feel under values or under appreciated in your life; you have came to the right place.

The core root of our existence relies a lot of acceptance. The thing is, we have perceived that concept far too literal, and have taken it into our own hands to achieve the acceptance of fellow universal peers. While the correct way to perceive acceptance is acceptance of self. We have all been told our ways of thinking are wrong, our mindsets are off, we need to grow up, stop imagining things, and to get realistic.

But how much more realistic can you get when you are accepting yourself for who the Universe created you to be.

While we are too busy being caught up in the lies of society, we have then missed countless of opportunities to grow and step into the next step of our personal development.

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Be Mindful Towards Your Brain Food

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