Let Your Vibe Be A Product of Your Heart, Not Your Environment

Kayla Trusick
5 min readOct 6, 2019

Faith: Something you keep close and true to your heart without actually seeing the reward. To understand good things are coming even when things seem to be going the opposite

Pondering thoughts linger on and on in our heads, we fight back and forth with our inner selves as much as we battle in relationships with other people. Not all the time are we focused or looking towards to future, due to past dwellings. Which then leads to anger, resentment, depression, you name it. We act upon those feelings impulsively when our head is clustered with many different thoughts. Now all the battles you are facing outwardly is now reflected inward and you are beating yourself and others up. Brick by brick the tower falls down and you start fighting viciously through the crowd. You start feeding your flesh (by fighting, and being disappointed in the control you wish you had on the world around you) instead of just walking away and focusing on your main objectives. Controlling emotions and allowing yourself to focus and understand that there are lessons and blessings in disguise all around YOU. Not everything in life is worth fighting towards/for. Instead center yourself, focus, rejoice, and fuel your spirit instead! Be Humble.

In our society today we are often not humbled. We fight for causes, we fight others for having different opinions, we fight because we are envious, or we are upset within ourselves. It’s so important to be able to learn from others, not everything will go our way. So many times I have seen different views and perspective shot down so quickly because we are an unmoving, unmotivated generation and we always know what is best for ourselves, right? In my journey through life I have learned at a young age to take advice, and listen to opinions because not always do you learn more about yourself and where you stand in your life, but you learn to understand the world around you as well. You can take opinions and apply them to yourself and take what you can from the perspective and leave the things at the door that do not apply to you. Getting angry when someone makes you feel like they know you better than yourself is honestly useless, because of course you know yourself better than anyone else, and that anger once again is feeding the flesh. Like throwing gasoline into a fire.

Kayla Trusick

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