Revival of Purpose

When we look inward we may find we have lost our way. Starting over isn’t always so bad, when you have a light to guide the way.


Photo by Alice Alinari on Unsplash

Souls entwining in sync,
Dancing within the tide,
Glittering towards the sun,
Bursting with passion and elixir of life,

What have we become?

Holding out hands,
In the stillness of silence,
A whisper of the wind,
Spirit to guide us,

Recollection of the past,
Stories told of where we’ve been,
Burning within truth,
Where ashes set to make amends,

The river rushes in,
Swallowing us whole,
Holding our breath,
Wishing for the guidance of another lonely soul,

Taking hands of the broken,
Begging for a breakthrough,
In the presence of destruction,
To create something new.



Kayla Trusick

Artist of Words | Mindfulness & Self Improvement✨ | “Every Great Dream Begins With a Dreamer ” ~ Μεράκι